Monday, September 29, 2008

Freud, part 3

Now that you have completed the text for all of Freud's theory, tell what part makes the most and the least sense to you. Be sure to reference the text to give your reasons.


lovejonas91 said...

I would have to say that the part of Freud's theory which makes the most sense is the Ego Defense Mechanisms. There are two in particular which seem to make the most sense though. Repression and Displacement are two which I can personally connect with. The ego defense mechanisms are “designed to reduce the anxiety caused by the Id and the Superego” (information taken from class notes).

Repression is when you "forget" to do something (page 460). Like I mentioned in the last blog, I "forget" to bring my icepack to the kitchen. Could it be that I didn't really "forget", but that I avoided bringing it to the kitchen because I didn't want to; because I was lazy?

Displacement is another one which I can personally connect with. It is when you take your anger out on someone else; a “substitute target” (page 460). For example, at work, I work at the Customer Service Desk. And, on Fridays, I always have problems with people. This man came to the desk and wanted to buy Powerball tickets, however, he said that he had never done it before, didn't know what to do, and needed help. He told me that he needed 40 quick picks, so I put into the Lottery Machine: 40 quick picks. When it printed out he complained and said he wanted 4 tickets with 10 on each and that I did it wrong. However, he was not specific, and so I had to re-do it for his liking. I re-did it and unfortunately, that made my Lottery cash drawer $40.00 short. The cash office manager had to talk to me about it and all because of that man, I was talked to. When I got home I was so angry because that jerk had gotten me in trouble that I took it out on my mom. I was yelling at her and saying that people who don't know how to play lottery should go do something else and do something they know how to do.

Another thing which makes a great deal of sense is the stages of development. They make a lot of sense, especially when we were talking about the “Oral Stage” from birth to 18 months.

The part of Freud’s theory which doesn’t seem to make sense to me is his ideas about the “unconscious”. Did he deal with this as a child? I know that the unconscious is “a term used to describe thoughts, feelings, wishes, and drives that are difficult to bring to conscious awareness” (page 456), but what does it really mean? Can someone explain this “unconscious” stage a little better for me?


~Natalie D.

Anonymous said...

Mr Yip, everything about what Frued has said makes sense. at first when you see just what he's said and none of the evidence, your like WHAT? but then you see the evidence they've gathered and it begins to make sense, and as you refleect on your childhood you begin to understand.

-Mike D'Amore

Katherine said...

I take great interest in Freud’s theories, but the one that has made the most sense to me so far is on ego defense mechanisms. Rationalization, repression, denial, displacement, projection, reaction formation, and sublimation are all actions I witness on a regular, and quite often, basis. One of my friends is always using sublimation to avoid her problems. If she’s ever to get into an argument with myself or any of our other friends, she occupies herself with a million different tasks as to not face up to the problem. Not too long ago I’d caught her in a lie, and she knew that the truth was out. However, instead of talking to me about it, she kept herself busy with her routine schedule of “school, sports, homework, work, homework, repeat.” She made it seem like she had no time to even place a simple phone call; this could have also meant she was in denial and acting like the event never happened. Because I witness these defense mechanisms so often, I find them easily comprehendible.

Although I do not object to Freud’s ideas on psychosexual stages and development, I find his concepts bizarre and sometimes confusing. The words erogenous zone, conflict, fixations, etc. seem to float around my head with no set substance. I think though, that with time and a little revision I’ll be able to better grasp this.

- Katherine Gannon

MLRoxYourSox said...

Well I think that all of his ego defense mechanisms make sense..a lot of sense because we use them all the time! The main ones being denial, displacement and repression (well for me anyway's)...The psychosexual stages also make a lot of sense. " The psychosexual stages are age-related developmental periods in which sexual impulses are focused on different bodily zones and are expressed through activities associated with these areas." I'm really curious as to why its a "sexual impulse". I mean the kid is just hungry. I guess it makes sense in a way but I mean it sounds it seems everything with this guy goes back to something sexual!! The Oedipus complex is a very strange one I must say. I don't recall ever being envious of my mother...Maybe some children were like that but not me :)

"We know less about the sexual life of little girls than of boys. But we need not feel ashamed of this distinction. After all, the sexual life of adult women is a 'dark continent' for psychology." I would just like to note that I find this offensive...what is he trying to say huh? I don't know if I like this man very much ha ha...

Michaela Laliberte

Anonymous said...

The part that makes the most sense to me are the ego defense mechanism because everyone does it, and even though we do not realize it, it comes naturally to us. We want to hide our flaws, and the ego and superego help with that. Also, having those drives, the eros, libido, and thanatos drives also make alot of sense to me.
What makes the least sense is how at every stage in our lives, even at the youngest age, we have a sexual confict. Why would someone think of this? I'm not sure, but Freud may be a crazy man when it comes to the psychosexual stages.
~erin nunes

Marissa Mardo said...

Although i agree with all of Freud's theories, the theory that i feel makes the most sense is the Ego Defense Mechanisms. Learning about repression, displacement, sublimation, denial, etc, in great detail allowed me to realize how often they are used in the real world.

I have often seen people demonstrating displacement by using their anger from one situation and taking it out on someone else that had no part in getting them angry. Repression is one of the ego defense mechanisms that i sometimes use. Although sometimes i honestly forget to do things i am asked, ill admit, that there are times when i pretend to forget so i don't have to do what i'm asked. Denial is another defense mechanism that people often use when they don't want to admit something. Instead, they feel more comfortable with denying it, or pretending that it never happened. Prior to studying these ego defense mechanisms, i wouldnt have believed that they were used on a regular basis. After studying them, i now realize how commonly used they are.

The theory that i didnt agree with at first was Freud's belief's on the psychosexual stages of development. When i first heard that Freud believed that an infant (birth to age 1) experienced sexula urges and oral pleasure(the mouth), i thought he was crazy! This was the same with all 5 of the stages. But after learning about the stages in detail and thinking of examples, i now feel that Freud's belief made perfect sense. I am looking forward to learning about the remaining stages that we have not yet covered in class!
Marissa Mardo

Wynne said...
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Wynne said...

Though we’re not finished with the subject, the whole theory on psychosexual stages seems a little bit too strange and perverted to me. The Oral Stage makes sense, but once Freud moves on to anal pleasure and phallic symbols my assurance in his reasoning begins to go downhill. Now, because we haven’t gotten to the last few stages I haven’t seen the full picture, so, naturally my opinion has a chance of changing. But, for now all I believe is that babies like putting things in their mouths. Anything to do with some obsession with penises seems pretty weird to me.
I’m not completely lost though. The whole subject on the ego, id, and superego, along with the ego defense mechanisms makes perfect sense. It’s actually rather insightful. I’ve never really thought about the science behind anxiety and what people do to combat it. Though some of the defense mechanisms seem a bit more complex than others – meaning more common in a crazy person, if that’s a good term – most of the mechanisms appear in everyday life; especially in a school setting. Repression and rationalization are probably the two most commonly used mechanisms. Though, for me personally, I probably use sublimation the most out of all of them. What I’m basically trying to say is that all these mechanisms make sense; we use them every day; and there is nothing we can do about it. There just part of what we do as humans to maintain a state of reassured self and balance – most of the time anyway.

Ted Wynne

Leslie said...

At first, I didn't like Sigmund Freud. When I you first told us his theory about kids wanting to have sex with their parents unconcisously, I was so grossed out and then I decided that I didn't like Sigmund Freud. But then you told us about Ann O. and it started to make a little more sense to me and that made me start to like Sigmund a little bit more. It turns out that man is a total wack job. He brings up some really interesting theories about humans. The ones that really makes the most sense to me are the 3 Parts to our personality and the Ego defense Mechanisms.
The Pyschosexual stages make a lot of sense also. As you recall your childhood, you begin to see that you did indeed go through those stages. I do remember being really close to my father as a child but I don't really remember me being so jealous at my mother that I wanted to kill her. Then again, that could be in my unconscious.
I really liked learning about the Ego Defense Mechanisms because now that I know them, I'll be able to recognize them when people use them. I find myslef and notcie other people using these defense mechanisms all the time, so you can't really argue about them.

Ben Pickering said...

When we first started learning about Frued I thoughts his theories were wacked and that the man was a crazy weirdo. After discussing his theories and reading more about the man, I realized the guy was not as crazy as he first sounded, and that he may have actually known a thing or two.
The theory I like best, like most, is his ideas on ego defense mechanisms. This seems to make the most sense to me because every single perosn experiences them all the time. Everyone always wants to find a way to defend themselves and make themselves look less quilty. Therefore, this idea Frued came up with is agreeable and proves that he knew what he was talking about.
What I admire most about Freud was how he was able to go about his work, during the time he lived in. Frued took much heat for his theories and they were widely debated. Few poeple accepted Frued's theories and some went as far as saying that they would do very bad things to the poor man. Therefore, being able to work through such harsh surroundings is what makes Freud's work so remarkable.
The part I would have to disagree with most is the whole pleasures thing as an infant. Although I can see his points, I think it to be slightly strange that a man would be so interesting in studying this. However I do agree with most of Frued's ideas and now realize what he truly meant behind his theories.
Love Benjamin Miguel Pickering

Matt L said...

Matthew Lasorsa

After reading, I think that Freuds theories of Development and erogenouse zones makes the most sense. After learning about them I think that there is supple evidence to support his theory. I dont agree with his idea that we want to have sex with our parents. Noone does this and therefore it cant be true.

gary31 said...

Everything that Freud said in the reading makes since to me I don’t like all of it but he famous for a reason he knows what he’s talking about I agree most with his ego defense mechanisms because everyone has them and every one uses them every day

mishy91 said...

Obviously, I don't agree that everyone wants to have sex with their parents, because he just didn't have enough evidence to support it, and because its really gross. Sorry if this blog is sounding like a broken record by saying this, I believe and agree the most with the Ego Defense Mechanisms. While reading and listening about the different defenses, I realized that I use them very often, in fact I probably use them every day. I just think that psychology shows just how much our minds are the same with everyone else, making everyone seem not so different than we initially realized.

-Michelle :)

Chris said...

I think all of Freud's theories make sense. I think the one that makes the most sense though is, Psychosexual stages. As we continued learning about these stages, it made me remember my childhood experiences. Although, I didn't do all the things, Freud said we do as kids, what he's saying makes perfect sense.

-Chris E. (Period 1)

Anonymous said...

Yip iam sure like everyone else the first time u actualy hear frueds idea u might think hes crazy but once u realize were he is comin from and his work to back it up, there is more of a understanding. other then that his theories do make sence.

laurynp said...

Freuds theroy on defense mechanisms makes complete sense to me. I see it happen all the time and it is a common method used still today in everyday life. These mechanisms he was correct about and people had not stopped using them

What makes least sense to me is the psychosexual stages/steps. I do not really understand fully why he developed these and i do not see all the connections he is making from when people were babies till now. I do not believe that stuff really has a big effect. Like the oral stage if you were never weaned, you still chew no stuff now. I just think that it is a bad habit

Taozoo4u said...

to me the theory of Freud's that makes the most sense to me is the ego defense mechanisms. I believe that we all use these ego defense mechanisms everyday in order to not face a certain part of reality that we want to avoid. Whether it is repression, denial or displacement they are used by almost everyone on everyday of the week. The theory that makes the least sense to me is the one where Freud says the most basic human instinct is to develop a "relationship" with our parents, I do not dismiss the fact that some may have had these feelings I'm just saying that someone like myself has never had these thoughts.

kelsiegagne said...

the thing that makes the most sense to me is that boys are in love with their mothers and girls their fathers. this makes so much sense because if you think about it you are born with the instinct to be attracted "sexually" to the opposite sex. the fact that it becomes your mother and father makes sense because your mother and father are the two main people in your life when you are young so the fact that you are in love with your mother and father makes sense.

dirkdiggler said...

well since i took the class before there not really much here that dosnt make much sense

Roberto said...

This blog just seems like Freud Part 1 repeated. Regardless, all of what Freud says is understandable and as long as you don't look at it literally it makes sense. One of the most intresting parts of his theory would have to be his explanation of the Id, Ego, and Super Ego and the conflict that happens between them leading to the Ego Defense Mechanisms. However the part that really intrested me in Freud's theory is how he introduces the idea of the Thanatos. I think that everyone has a Thanatos, even if you don't think you want to do something like sky dive, once you do something that may risk your life, or something a little less extreme, you WILL get that adrenaline rush and you will like it. Which is what our death instinct is all about.