Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, the end!

Sorry about forgetting to creating a post for yesterday. I know you all missed it!

React to the end of the movie. Did you like/dislike the ending? Give reasons! How would you change the ending if you could?

Have fun!


lovejonas91 said...

Mr. Yip,
It was sad that there wasn't a blog yesterday, but it is ok. :)

I did NOT like the end of the movie. It felt weird and disturbing to watch. Although "Chief" killed McMurphy so he wouldn't suffer, I still thought it was awful to watch.

Personally, the movie was kind of weird, and it is not one of my top choices.

I thought it was well made, but not my type of movie.

If I could change it, I would make it something like a cliff hanger.


Chris said...

Mr. Yip,

As I mentioned to you eariler today, I really llike this movie. I thought the ending was great becuase it showed Chief, doing what MacMurphy wanted to do, espeace from that Skinner Box and he did. I wouldn't change it, I thought it was perfect just the way it is.

-Chris E. (Period 1)

Wynne said...

I first saw “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” about two years ago and found it rather depressing. To be completely honest, I don’t remember feeling any form of comfort during the ending or any humor throughout the film. I still thought it was a decent movie though.

Now, I watched it and was blown away. I loved the ending. It was both rewarding and empowering. The Chief putting the pillow over McMurphy’s face, to make sure he doesn’t suffer, while the tribal music/movie score played dramatically in the background. Then, after giving his friend one last look, he picks up the fountain, carrying it with all of his strength into the ward, before tossing it into the window, breaking free into the outside world (McMurphy’s original escape plan). Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. This ending, with heavy symbolism along with the music and drama, made the film. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the end of the movie at all honestly. I didn't understand why Chief smothered McMurphy with a pillow. Natalie said that Chief didn't want him to suffer. But why would McMurphy suffer and from what?

None of this would have happened if McMurphy had been able to get out of the hospital earlier. I'm not even too sure of why he was in there anyway.

I was very upset when Billie decided to kill himself all because Mrs. Rachetd made Billie feel guilty for one time letting his emotions shine through.

When McMurphy came back at the end, I didn't understand why he was in the state that he was in. And it was very upsetting to see Chief lose his friend. Then go pick up the faucet and throw it out the window to break the window to escape. Chief, unlike McMurphy was unable to lift the faucet.

The end of the movie was disturbing, but had satisfying outcomes to it.


Wynne said...

And I wouldn't change the ending.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention one thing. I realized that in the beginning of the movie, they play the same song as the end, when Chief kills McMurphy and escapes. I have also recognized the same thing happens in the movie "Into The Wild" When in the beginning, after Chris McCandless decides to leave his old life and create a new one for himself, the title "My Own Birth" comes onto the screen while "Hard Sun" plays in the background. While at the end, when unfortunately Chris dies, the same song plays. Chris was also someone who was strongly against the influences of society and what other people labeled others.

There must be a correlation between both movies, in both cases the same song plays at the beginning of the movie, starting or making a difference in your life, as well as ending the chapter that has been started for you.


Katherine said...

Before seeing the movie the first time, I had already known what the ending was like. No matter the difference, I've always loved the plot. Watching the movie for a second time definitely deepened my appreciation for it's excellence. The ending, while tragic in some ways, was flawless in others. Through McMurphy's actions and sacrificial death, the men were psychologically saved. Chief Bromden's escape signifies the mens rebirth into the outside world. I just love the whole idea of it. It's actually a really good movie. I'm glad we watched it. Now, ready for Girl Interrupted?

- Katherine Gannon

Marissa Mardo said...

Although I enjoyed watching the movie overall, I didnt really like the ending that much. First of all, I felt bad that Billie committed suicide to prevent himself from getting in trouble with his mother. As for McMurphy, I thought that it was sad that he died. Although I feel it was the right thing for the chief to suffocate McMurphy to prevent him from suffering, I dont agree with the fact that the hospital injured him on purpose. I liked the very end when the chief removed the faucet, broke the window, and escaped. This was very symbolic of what McMurphy wanted the chief and the patients to do. I just wish McMurphy could have been around to escape with them. After all, I feel that McMurphy saved the patients and was the best thing that walked into their lives. Without him, they would have been lying in their hospital beds all day, clueless.

Leslie said...

The ending saddened me. Nurse Ratched got what she deserved. She was soo awful. That's not even the right word for her. One thing I was happy about was that Nurse Ratched didn't win. The patients are no longer intimidated by her. She didn't win at the end.
The chief escaped! The so-called dumb deaf and mute man left. He finally mustered up the couraged to leave the Skinner Box and start a life of his own. Unfortunately, McMurphy didn't join him but the legacy of McMurphy still lives on.
It seems like whatever you do to make things better or to break out of the ordinary, something or someone is always trying to hold you back. It's like you can't ever get out of the Skinner Box. You're always being controlled.
What really scared me was how they lobotimized McMurphy. A man so vibrant and full of life was quickly taken away. What right did it give them to take someone's life away? It absolutely freaked me out as to think that, having someone go through a procedure like that would make them better. I'm cringing about it right now.
Overall, it was a brilliantly made movie. No wonder why it got the Big Five. I would definately watch it again.

MLRoxYourSox said...

Well I thought the ending was scary...I mean what did they do to McMurphy's head? And Why couldn't chief pick him up and take him away with him? I didn't like this ending very much. It was also sad that Billie killed himself...Nurse Ratched is so cruel.

I did enjoy the movie overall but I did not expect the ending to be that was definately a shock.

- Michaela Laliberte

lovejonas91 said...

Michaela and Erin,
I know we were discussing in school today about the ending of the movie. I was talking to Chris Esper and Mike Amaral in English and they explained the ending to me. What happened was that McMurphy was given a "Lobotomy"; that is where they cut some cords connecting each side of the head to the brain and thus McMurphy was essentially a vegetable. Chief killed McMurphy in order not to see McMurphy suffer as a vegetable.
Is that a little better?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Natalie for clearing that up for Michaela and I. It's so inhumane to do that to someone. I don't care how they are. I don't see why McMurphy was in that institution in the first place. It's a complete waste of a human life to be perfectly honest. At dinner tonight, I asked my parent's if they have ever seen this movie. They told me that they have, and that some doctors did do operations as to turn people in which they could not control into veggies. I was angered by this because it's inhumane, and it just sickens me very much.


laurynp said...

I was pretty confused at the end of the movie. Im not sure what exactly happened to McMurphy. It was a very dramatic ending with Billy dying and Nurse Rachet being attacked. I dont understand why Chief killed mcmurphy and why. My best guess would be to put him out of his misery. He did not want to see McMurphy that way, when he wasnt truly happy. This was a very striking movie. It had an upsetting feeling about it.

lovejonas91 said...

Hy Lauryn,
I am not sure if you saw my coment a few before this one but I didn't understand the ending either. See if this helps:
"Michaela and Erin,
I know we were discussing in school today about the ending of the movie. I was talking to Chris Esper and Mike Amaral in English and they explained the ending to me. What happened was that McMurphy was given a "Lobotomy"; that is where they cut some cords connecting each side of the head to the brain and thus McMurphy was essentially a vegetable. Chief killed McMurphy in order not to see McMurphy suffer as a vegetable.
Is that a little better?"

There it is ^^


McCall Theriault said...

So about the movie! Well I thought it was alright. I am more of an action or love story type, but this was good!
I understood the message and the empowerment that McMurpy had on the individuals within the institution.
I also thought that the ending was off, I understand that it was supposed to be symbolic and all but I just thought that something else should have been done!
McCall Theriault

dirkdiggler said...

i thought that the ending was very powerful and although ive seen the movie 10 or 15 times i still crack a smile when they all break free metaphoricly of course except for cheif and i love the whole movie because i always thought that mcmurphy was what everone has always dreamed of being in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

i thought the ending was perrfect for the movie. it fit well with what happened althoug chief just running off left a little to be desired, it just seemed out of place

Taozoo4u said...

The ending to one flew over the cuckoos nest was not something that i expected but it wasn't my definition of a twist ending. I enjoyed the symbolism that they had put there and the fact that Chief killed McMurphey was sorta abrupt in how it came about but i can see why it was there, to show that Chief did not want McMurphey to suffer but i thought there could have been subtle hints throughout the film thats the only thing i would really change.

Ben Pickering said...

Dear all,
Overall i liked the movie and it kept me interested for the mostpart throughout the entire thing. The ending was a little strange and unexpected, but in the end I guess it was okay. I like how the chief was finally able to be himself that he had build up enough confidence to become sociable, and in the end escaped. I'm not quite sure why he killed McMurphy, but i think it was to put him out of his misery? If I was to change the ending I would have had the chief escape carrying McMurphy with him, so the two could go to Canada together.
Benjamin Miguel

mishy91 said...

I agree that the ending is depressing considering that McMurphy becomes basically brain dead and killed by Chief. But a movie is supposed to make you feel things about a character that doesnt exist and you don't even know. And the fact it makes people depressed makes it a good movie. If it had ended with McMurphy and Chief driving past a sign saying Canada 1 mile way, it would not be considered one of the greatest movies of all time.

-Michelle :)

McCall Theriault said...

The ending of the movie was crazy!! I didn't think that that would happen at all! I never thought that Cheif had it in him to kill again and expresally McMurffy!! What a shocker!
Also, I don't think that the ending really flowed has a whole toward the movies plot. It must have been that it was so differnt and unexpected that it through me!!

Roberto said...

I myself did not like the ending of the movie but it was what it had to be. There was no other way, at least in their eyes, of making McMurphy comply with them so they gave him the Lobotomy. When it comes to Chief killing him I sort of see Chief as a sort of symbol for liberation. He killed his father to free him of his addiction and his killing of McMurphy freed him of the "suffering" he'd have to go to for the rest of his life.

Matt L said...

I thought the end of the movie was rather shocking. To see McMurphy brainwashed and then killed by his friend was not how I expected the movie to end.
I think the movie would have been a lot better off with the movie ending with McMurphy and Chief escaping from the instituition. I would also have like to seen all the voluntary patients stand up against nurse ratchet and choose to leave. I would have been pretty cool to see her show up to work in the movie to two men escaped and most of the others tellin gher they were leaving.

Anonymous said...

Matt, just a quick correction, he wasn't brain washed he was either heavily medicated or, more likely, Lobatomized (to learn what that is, go here: The ending of the movie was good, i guess, Chief killing McMurphy to end his suffering was fitiing, but him escaping then just running off into the dawn was a little ehh...
i think instead of him running off into the dawn, if he stole the Bus and drove off (as McMurphy did for the fishing trip), or went into a vengeful rage and destroyed most of the facility (and perfereably Nurse Rachet as well), those two options would've had the movie end better.

Joybh59 said...
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Joybh59 said...
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Joybh59 said...

It's a great movie! But I think you really need to watch it 2 or 3 times so you can aee what you missed the first time. Even a quick trip to the potty makes you miss so much, especially if you're at a good place in the movie, so watch it with no drink and when you have had nothing for about an hour. It's much better to see it all at one time! I have it on dvd so may watch it again tonight!