Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, part 2

Now that you have observed all these characters (McMurphy, Chief, Harding, Bibbitt, Martini, Cheswick, and Taber) a little, tell me if you think they have a mental illness. I know we are not ready to label them something specific, but we can describe their behavior and decide if they need psychiatric treatment. So go ahead and describe their problems, if any.


Chris said...

I think they have problems, and they could be classified as having a disorder, but the mental instution takes it too far.

For example, Cheswick, shows some signs of a disorder, but he speaks his mind during the session, which makes him able to function.

Billy maybe unclear when he speaks, he gets his point across for the most part.

Those are the most specific examples, I can give, but as far as the rest of them go, they all show signs of having an illness, with the exception of McMurphy, but they seem to able to function in society.

-Chris E. (Period 1)

P.S. I'M FIRST!!!!

Anonymous said...

chris wins one internet

some do some do, harding's just a jerk and the guy from angels in the outfield is just twitchy mcmurphy is just Jack Nicholson being Jack Nicholson

lovejonas91 said...

I can't really tell if they have mental illnesses in some of them. In Bibbit, I see studdering and in the others, their physical appearance is weird, but I am not sure if they necessarily have mental disorders. I think that McMurphy needs to chill down and stop swearing. Also, the others look out of it.

Anonymous said...

In some of the patients, I do not see any mental illness. McMurphy doesn't seem to have an illness. I don't quite understand of why he's in the institution. But like you said Mr. Yip, we don't have the knowledge yet to interpret sings. For all we know, he could have some deep down psychological disorder that we don't know about. I don't know names yet so he's pretty much the only one i can talk for. Chief is deaf, but I don't see why he's in an institution. The tall, thin guy that is always the first one to make a bet seems normal to me as well.


McCall Theriault said...

From what I have watched I feel as though each really does have a problem, however if they were approached differently then I think that there would be more improvement. When the group sessions are introduced I think that Nurse Ratchet does a horrible job of treating them in therapy. If her approach was better I think that the diagnosis would be better as well. The character of Nurse Ratchet really gets on my nerves.

Although I think it is overall too early to really know or to have an inclining to what each of them has or could have.

Does McMurphy really have a problem or is he faking? Is it so he doesn't go to prison or does his problem involve what he did about the baseball game? Do we have to assume in this movie or does it spell it out for you?

Matt L said...

I don't really thnk they all are mentally ill. Mcmurphys ability to manipulate others is very good, andhe seems quite smart. For this reason I don't think he suffers from a mental illness. As for the other characters, some could be considered ill. Martini definately has an issue, and possibly a maturity issue. Chief seems like he has an illness, but I feel he has more of a problem communicating with others, which is seen in the movie as mental. Because of these reasons, I have mixed feelings as to weither or not the men al belong in the ward.


MLRoxYourSox said...

I think that a few of them have mental illnesses....such as Danny DeVito's character and Taber perhaps but others dont seem to have a big problem. Like Bibbit for instance; just because he stutters a lot doesnt mean he has a serious mental disorder.I definately do not belive that McMurphy has any disorder other than being out of control...I'm not quite sure about the big indian guy at this point but something is very wrong with him.

Michael said...

it seems like when they stepped out of the ward that they could be them selfs and be away from the nurse. also just like Mr. yip pointed out when they see there reflection on the tv they see them self and not being controlled by nurse ratchet. at this time i dont think we can clearly difine each persons mental illness at this time but other then the group thats all together i belive that the people on the outside are a lil more "off" then the people in the group

Wynne said...

I’m going to speak from a standpoint of someone who has NEVER seen this movie, even though I have.

The only characters you can defiantly say have some real, genuine, psychological issues would be Cheswick, Martini, Chief, and Bibbit. The other characters – McMurphy, Harding, and Taber – seem to be much more “normal”, for they don’t portray any type of actual mental oddity besides over aggressiveness, immaturity, and some problems with society that they can’t control (McMurphy – the law, Harding – his wife).

Naturally, McMurpphy is just here to get off work detail. Other than that he’s just a wise guy who happens to represent the therapy these characters need (a little rebellion). Cheswick has some very serious anxiety problems. He gets upset very easily and seems to be very much a follower – trying very hard to be friends with everyone. Martini has the mind of a child as well as the stature. Chief is deaf and so far mentally disabled that he can’t communicate with anyone. Bibbit is suicidal as we found out and has a form of mental illness where he cannot interact with anyone. He is very socially inept and doesn’t understand why some things are the way they are. Though maybe he doesn’t have an actual mental problem. Perhaps he’s just lived a difficult life. Taber is just very immature and likes to aggressively joke around. Maybe his character hasn’t shown his real side yet. Harding just has social issues. He’s too smart for society, thus he can’t understand. He’s too consumed with himself.

Katherine said...

I'm going to do what Ted did. I'm ready to analyze the characters of a movie I've never seen before.

So far, the patients that seem to clearly have a mental disorder, in my opinion, are Martini and Cheswick. Martini is highly unconscious of what's going on around it. He seems to be living in a different world and he can't handle simple situations, such as the card and board games he often tries to play. Cheswick is more aware of what's going on around him and shows certain signs of being relatively perceptive, but when he gets put into a situation where emotions are elevated, he loses self-control. That is his biggest issue.

While Billy has a stuttering problem and seems insecure about himself, there's nothing more to suggest that mentally he is unstable.

The Chief is apparently just deaf. There's nothing about him that fully characterizes him as a mental patient, besides of course being in a mental institution. Even though he's deaf, he is responsive to McMurphy, suggesting that he's potentially pretty normal.

Taber is just a trouble-maker, as of right now. Not enough has been seen about him to accurately judge.

Harding has some marital/sexual problems along with a bitter of an anger issue, but this is nothing more than we see in society on a daily basis.

And McMurphy, of course, is the most normal (and by normal I mean conformed) person of the entire ward.

Ben Pickering said...

Howdy kiddy's
I believe that McMurphy is the only one who does not have any form of a mental illness. He is actually a very smart man and knows how to manipulate the men to do what he wants. He also finds little ways to try and get back at Nurse Ratchet by outsmarting, such as the baseball game scene where they all stared at the blank tv with just reflections. As far as the other characters they all exhibit some form of a mental illness. That is why they are in the mental institution after all. The way you can tell the others have mental issues is by comparing them to McMurphy. None of them are even close to being in his league and all would have difficulties in the outside world. I think they may be able to survive on their own, but it would be a difficult task for them to be able to function properly day in and day out.
Stay True,
Benjamin Miguel

Marissa Mardo said...

Tuesday I was on a field trip and absent from class, so therefore I was unable to watch the 2nd part of the movie. But based on what I've seen so far, I feel that everyone besides McMurphy suffers from an illness/disorder. Excluding McMurphy, all of the other patients seem to be really out of it and clueless about what is going on around them. This is not the case with McMurphy. He seems much more intelligent and I think that he is starting to seem crazy because he is hanging out with and surrounded by crazy people all day, causing himself to go crazy!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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laurynp said...

I think that these men might have minor psychological problems. THey seem unstable and emotional. I would not diagnose them with something serious though. They do not seem like what a person would deem "crazy". I think these men are able to function out in the real world, its just that they dont want too, and we know that because they are all voluntarily there except for Mcmurphy

dirkdiggler said...

i have to say that i belive none of them have any mental illness they are no worse then me or anyone else walking on the street the onl person i would say could use some help is cheswick because of his lack of maturity but thats about it.

Roberto said...

McMurphy has a problem with authority and may be crossing the line into sociopath, however many people like him exist in society function perfectly fine.

Chief, if anything, belongs in prison. He killed his dad and he knew what he was doing when he did it.

Martini is just mentally retarded as far as I can tell.

Billyhas an extreme anxiety disorder related to his mother. He doesn't want her to know of all the things that would make her "ashamed of him" such as the sex with Candy. In reality his mom wouldn't really care, as long as she's not one of those overlyprotective types...he's a grown man.